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Philosophy & Culture

1. Mission: to serve the public health

2. Orientation: One kernel, two targets, three satisfactions, four criteria.

  Kernel: Patient-oriented; Two targets: Teachers and students, residents;

  Three satisfactions: To satisfy patients, the society and the President;

  Four criteria: Systematized management, friendly service, high talents building, quality standardization.

3. Spirit: Balance ethics and leechcraft, innovation and refinement, integrity and pragmatic, unity and dedication.

4. Style: Honest and trustworthy, solidarity and cooperation, pragmatic and efficient, practical and realistic

5. Code of conduct: Prioritize the overall interest, committed, pioneering, selfless dedication.

6. Tenet: We offer sincerity, love and care for patients to make them feel comfortable, reassured and relieved.   

7. Concept: All for the patient

8. Goal: To develop a distinctive hospital with advanced technology, premium service, and phenomenal brand

9. Management: Service-driven with profession techniques

10. Employee value: Provide first-class services to the society and make the greatest contribution to the development of health undertakings; be loyal and dedicated to the enterprises cause, to give full play to the subjective initiative, and contribute to the construction and development of the hospital; be considerate and kind-hearted to every patient, treat patients as their family member, and maximize every patients satisfaction; join hands with colleagues and advance together with the hospital.


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