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The Rehabilitation Medicine Department

The Rehabilitation Medicine Department is one of the featured departments of our hospital, with 2 physicians of master level and a number of professional medical therapists, which is also frequently by professional therapists of master level. One of the professional therapists of master level is Prof. Liu Xinjiang, a nationally renowned therapist, who is especially skilled in the “Spine Treatment and Rectification”. Prof. Liu is the Honorary Director of Wuhan Kang Quan Spinal Health Consulting Center; Chief Consultant of Spinal Regimen Dept., Wuhan Hongji Orthopedic Hospital; Principal Consultant of Hubei and Hunan Division, World Medical Alliance for Spine Treatment and Rectification; Vice-chairman of World Medical Alliance for Spine Diagnosis and Rectification. Studied after Mr. Yang Fusheng, the prominent physician specialized in rectifying spine, Prof. Liu has learnt the TCM technique “spine treatment” (a technique to diagnose and treat hundreds of diseases through spine manipulation by hands, without injection or medicine intake) inherited by Lou, which is of 400-year history. After that, Prof. Liu has been devoted to the front-line of clinical practice and medical teaching. In our hospital, Prof. Liu’s consultation time is Monday (a.m.), Wednesday (a.m.), and Friday (a.m.).

In clinical practice, adhering to the TCM theory of “balancing muscles and bones; dialectical treatment” and following the principle of integrating TCM and western medicine, Prof. Liu has managed to establish an instant pain-treatment system with “Kang Quan” characteristics by perfectly integrating western anatomy theory, theory of “sinews causing pain” in the TCM tendon and meridian therapy, and the “OCTR” of Pi needle technique in the nine-needle therapy with the traditional bone-setting manipulation.

The department mainly serves treatment for various types of spinal diseases, inflammatory soft tissue injury, lumbocrural pain, proliferative arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, radiohumeral bursitis, capitulum radii inflammation, coxitis, annexitis, gastroenteritis and facial paralysis.

The Rehabilitation Medicine Department consists of Traction Room, Massage Room, Physiotherapy Room, Acupuncture Room, Moxibustion Room, Pedicure Room, Dry-steam Room, Functional Rehab Room and Laser-treatment Room.

Key instruments: 3-D electric traction table, ultra-short-wave therapeutic apparatus, medium frequency therapeutic apparatus, low frequency therapeutic apparatus, adjustable manual traction table, Electro-acupuncture therapeutic device, and TDP lamp.


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