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The Gynecology Department


The Gynecology Department has a team with rich experience in medical technology, strong sense of responsibility, and high quality in skills. The main projects are gynecological tumors, genital inflammation, cervical lesions, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and family planning. Genital inflammation mainly includes various vulvar inflammation and vaginitis, annex inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease, and the screening, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various sexually transmitted diseases. It also includes total hysterectomy; removal, resection, radical surgery of benign and malignant ovarian tumors; radical resection of cervical cancer, etc. Reproductive endocrine disorders include various kinds of hemorrhagic gynecologic diseases such as irregular menstruation caused by functional uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, inflammation, endocrine disorders and metabolic disorders.

Main equipment: colposcope, LEEP knife, laser therapy instrument, etc.


Address: 16# Jiangxia Avenue, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

Contact number: 027-81652997 02781652995

Bus route: Yiyao Yuan Station (Bus no.902/903/912/915)/Miaoshan Station (Wuxian Intercity Railway)