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The Stomatology Department



The Stomatology Department is one of the featured departments of our hospital, with strong technical forces and professional dental phsicians specialized in Stomatology of 10 years of clinical experience. The department is responsible for tooth repair, root canal therapy, LED curing, tooth extraction, debridement and suture for maxillofacial injury, excision of maxillofacial space infection, expulsion of Salivary Gland Calculi, excision of maxillofacial cyst, alveoloplasty, removable complete denture, removable partial denture, fixation of removable complete denture, fixation of removable partial denture, oral health, pit and fissure sealant and etc. The department is equipped with modernized comprehension dental treatment device, LED curing device, ultrasonic dental scaler, oral-specialized X-ray machine and etc. Dept. of Stomatology is in charge of treatments like tooth extraction, denture fitting, alveolar dressing, apical resection, apical cyst excision, ankylotomy, ultrasonic scaling and etc. Dept. of Stomatology is powered by strong technical force, advanced diagnosis and treatment apparatus and comfortable clinical environment. Comprehensive dental treatment chair, high temperature sterilizer, ultrasonic dental cleaner and ultrasonic dental scaler are the key instruments of the department.

Address: 16# Jiangxia Avenue, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China

Contact number: 027-81652997 02781652995

Bus route: Yiyao Yuan Station (Bus no.902/903/912/915)/Miaoshan Station (Wuxian Intercity Railway)