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Niu Dehuan, Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Niu Dehuan, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, once served as the department director of Geriatrics Outpatients at Ezhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (a Class A tertiary hospital), and department director of preventive treatment outpatients. She is the director of Health Care Department. Been engaged in traditional Chinese medicine for nearly 40 years, she is proficient in traditional Chinese medicine therapy, skilled in applying small needle knives, acupuncture, warm needle therapy, acupoint injection, moxibustion, and massage to various pains, such as neck and shoulder pain, elderly cardiovascular disease, etc., and particularly good at dealing with children with fever, cold, cough, anorexia and other common diseases in children.

In 2013, she was kindly received by Chen Feng Fuzhen, World Health Organization officer, and other foreign friends during her work. She was praise for her contribution in traditional Chinese medicine therapy.


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